Q: Wherst Flimby? A: In Cumbria, North West England - home of New Balance
FACTOID: Did you know that Her Majestys Theatre in Carlisle was the first Theatre ever to be lit by Electricity in 1880.
  • one of "The Cutting Room Boys"

    Nothing gets Roy on the dance floor like a bit of Jimmy Ruffin. Catch our resident Northern Soul aficionado in The Cutting Room or down at the Wigan Casino with his family. Heʼs quite the oracle on the subject...

  • the pigeon racer

    Forgiven for supporting Manchester United, Wayneʼs other love of pigeon racing demands respect, for the sheer amount of hours this man devotes to his lifelong hobby. Itʼs also a dying past time in Britain so itʼs great to see one man and his brother carrying on age old traditions.

  • loves a walk...

    After traveling the world with the Army, Scottish Bill and his wife take root in Cumbria and the Lake Distict. Bill describes how it makes him feel to be in the hills with his dog and a cup of coffee – you canʼt beat it!

  • Our resident indy guru

    A sole applicator by day and a guitarist at local hot spots by night. Catch Mark and his band at local festivals or driving around the North-West in their trusty white van/tour bus...

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People Matter

Like any company that relies on a local workforce for a specific skill-set that spans over the past 100 years or more, New Balance in Flimby relies on itʼs team and their hard earned craft to produce the very best, highest quality, hand produced technical running and lifestyle shoes. Most of these skills theyʼve developed since they left school, many moons ago. Many have been in the shoe industry for over 30 years or more and that makes our production teams and all of our staff very valued – an integral part of how our heart beats.

These skills canʼt be bought or gained over a few weeks. It takes years of working with expensive materials such as our fine grain leathers and pigskins to be able to read the grain, gauge the thickness and densities of leathers and judge what parts of the skin will work best on different panels of a shoe. The rear heel cup of a 1500 demands a totally different approach to that of a 577 for example. This degree of knowledge goes full circle from cutting room, to sole assemble, the ladies in embroidery – even down to the boys packing and shipping out from the warehouse. Without everybody taking pride in what they do and working as a dedicated team, you wouldnʼt have such glorious ʻMade in the UKʼ products delivered to your doors (even shores).

As a brand that never needs to shout or blow its own trumpet, we let our products do the talking and Flimby remains true to New Balanceʼs core values as a family business which espouses the unique values of the British quality, our long heritage, our R+D, our workforce, and our very own sense of humour to our beautifully functional shoe collections. People matter, our staff matter.

Our Factory

We are New Balance.

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