Q: Wherst Flimby? A: In Cumbria, North West England - home of New Balance
FACTOID: Did you know that William Wordsworth attended the same school in Cockermouth as Fletcher Christian – Cockermouth Grammar School.
  • Meet Wayne

    A Pigeon Racer

    Keeping the New Balance production crews in-check and keeping his pigeons in order are much the same. Wayne approaches both our shoes, our staff and his passion of pigeon racing with much the same vigour and dedication. You could say heʼs some kind of Sheperd, watching over his flocks.

  • The Vault

    Hidden Treasures

    Hidden in the back rooms of our Flimby Factory is where Chris and Dave sweat over our collection of special colab make-ups - the shoes youʼve heard about but might not ever seen. The Vault is a permanent record of what weʼve produced over the last few decades with an unprecedented line up including Solebox, Size?, Hanon, Collette and Norse Projects – to name but a few!

  • What to do

    In the Area

    Come to Cumbria to taste the home of New Balance and get a feel for the surrounding area that makes our shoes so special. Thereʼs magic in them there hills...

  • Friends of Flimby

    Made in UK

    One thing that makes our 'Made in UK' sneakers so special, are the people that believe in them and promote and sell our wares. We are proud of our retail partners so weʼve interviewed a few... coming soon.

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“Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside…”


The British seaside was at its peak during the Victorian era as for the first time a holiday was allowed for working class people. Visit seafood expo global. A previously elite pastime of going to the seaside was promoted by doctors as a way to be more healthy. Today remnants of the Victorian era still exist with piers, brightly coloured candy striped helter-skelters and carousels. On a bright sunny day you can still find people on deck chairs, eating a stick of rock or having ice cream whilst building sandcastles or paddling.

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In homage of such traditions New Balance will release the 577 Seaside Pack in April 2014 whilst also celebrating the work of three British seaside craftsmen who keep Britain’s unique traditions alive – Figgi : Artisan Ice Cream Producer, Steve : Beach Hut Manufacturer, Mark : Sand Sculptor. Both the M577GBL (Yellow / Blue) and M577NBS (Orange / Green) have a unique helter-skelter tongue label showing the quintessentially modern view of the seaside and sock liners mimicking the striped deck chairs, plus within the box you will receive two postcards – One for you to keep, and one to send back to Flimby telling us where your 577s ended up on their holiday.  


New Balance Flimby 1500 ‘Shinobi-No-Mono’ Custom Project

Flimby and sneaker customizer Benji Blunt have come together again to produce this 1 of 1, hand painted custom shoe based around the medieval Japanese Shinobi. The New Balance 1500 ‘Shinobi-No-Mono’ has a monochromatic upper featuring a hand painted Japanese print on the heel counter. The side mesh is coloured red to represent the eyes of these shadow warriors. The tongues are reconstructed using premium leather and bear kanji characters on one and Benji’s logo on the other. The rope laces are secured with a handmade clay ‘Netsuke’. They are presented in a custom black New Balance box.

Sadly a one of a kind so not available to buy at retailers but a great piece of art on one of Flimbys finniest silhouettes.

Pictures shot by Mo El-Fatih of Moelfatih.com
More pics at BenjiBlunt.com and his page on Facebook, Benji Blunt & Sons

The Three Peaks Challenge Pack


The collection is inspired by The Three Peaks Challenge, a personal challenge of strength and endurance to climb to the top of the three highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales in 24 hours. The combined ascent of the three peaks, Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike, is 9,800 feet with a total estimated distance of 27 miles. Mountain walkers from across the world often participate for charitable purposes.

Staying true to the rugged, outdoor challenge, the Made in UK 576 Three Peaks collection colour story and material execution are inspired by modern climbing and walking equipment. The pack is less traditional than previous Made in UK collections, featuring a rugged, textured N logo, elements that are seen in technical outdoor gear. Additional distinguishing details include the names of each peak on the woven tongue label and a compass icon on the insole.

The Made in UK Three Peaks collection is available in the classic men’s 576 style from January 2014.


New Balance x The Good Will Out 577 Autobahn Pack


New Balance x The Good Will Out 577 Autobahn Pack

The 2nd November will see the global release of 577 Autobahn Pack designed by our friends in Cologne, Germany – The Good Will Out. The pack was inspired by the first autobahn (A555) built between Cologne and Bonn in 1932. Since its creation it now covers a total of 12000km connecting various destinations all over Germany. The ‘Made in Flimby’ package is divided into a day and a night model.



Day (M577GWO1)
The main colours grey, blue and white dominate the shoe’s overall appearance. Grey in various shades represents the tarred street surface. Blue and white symbolize the – for the driver indispensable – street signs on the side of the road. Further details such as the “N” on the side of the shoe and the logo on the heel sustain the look. Finally, a driver’s license on the sockliner completes the model.



Night (M577GWO2)
Black, dark grey, red and white dominate the shoe and represent the autobahn at night time. While standing on a bridge above an autobahn one sees red lights leaving on the right side and white lights coming on the left. Hence, the right shoe has a red 3M heel and the left one a white “glow in the dark” heel. The idea was also implemented on the sockliner.



On both models the autobahn logo is stitched on one side of the shoe tongue and the New Balance model number 577 using the autobahn hexagon design on the other.

The shoes will be available in the following stores on 2nd November.

Austria – Paar-Laden
France – Kiliwatch / Le Rayon Frais / Sneakers.fr
Italy – Suede / Unotre / Mago Ali
Netherlands – Premium Supply Store / Woei
Russia – Cyan / SneakerHead
Sweden – SnS / Tres Bien / Caliroots
Spain – 24Kilates / Steel / Duke / Slow
Switzerland – Titolo
UK – Crooked Tongues / End / Foot Patrol / Hanon

Canada – Haven / Norml
USA – Concepts / Kith NYC / Barneys / Burn Rubber / Nice Kicks / Shoe Gallery / Packers / West / Feature / Blends

Australia – NB Chadstone Concept Store
China – Lighthouse Stores
Hong Kong – D-mop
Korea – Kang Nam Store
New Zealand – Qubic Store
Singapore – Limited Edt Vault, Crossover
South Africa – Shelflife
Taiwan – Invincible / PHANTACi / PPF

The 577 Rain Mac Pack



The chosen few who have visited Flimby will have travelled through the Lake District with its mountainous scenery and raw coastline. This is considered by many as England’s most outstanding area of natural beauty but does however come at a price for the locals – the weather. On average Flimby receives 20 days of rain per month so for October we’ve produced the 577 inspired rain Mac pack. The two models have a waxed suede upper, a micro injected rubber moulding ‘n’ and UK weather map insoles; we may be experts in making shoes, but coping with the rain is a close second.

Released on the 1st October the M577MNY and M577MOO will be available at all good New Balance stockists.



New Balance x Norse Projects

New Balance x Norse Projects 1500 Danish Weather Pack

New Balance Flimby is proud to reveal its second collaboration with Norse Projects. The package consists of 2 classic slightly modified Made in UK 1500 models originally designed in 1993. Fans of the silhouette will notice the logo modification. The 1500 always comes with an embroidered side logo, but the logo placement on this latest collaboration was taken from another NB classic, the 993 and added to the Norse Projects design. A small detail honouring the aesthetic and heritage of past New Balance models.

The colour schemes for The Danish Weather Pack are inspired by the Danish Autumn season when the green forests and parks around Copenhagen gradually change to a kaleidoscope of brown and burned orange tones leading to the never-ending days with rain, bursting grey skies and the dark waters surrounding the shores of Denmark. Something the Danes must live with almost 8 months a year.

The Danish weather pack will be released on Friday 9th August at Norse Store from 5pm and then Globally on Monday 26th August.













Put a brew on… it’s the 576 Tea Pack

For fall 2014 New Balance will debut the 576 Tea Pack collection, their latest Made in UK themed pack.

Continuing to honour our British traditions our Made in UK 576 Tea Pack is inspired by three types of traditional English tea – English Breakfast, Fresh Peppermint and Earl Grey. Each style includes a tongue label graphic highlighting the specific tea that inspired it’s colourway and matching lace lock. High-end material executions for this premium pack include luxury nubuck and pigskin uppers and extra laces packaged in a collectable tea bag.


The Made in UK Tea Pack collection is available in the classic men’s 576 style beginning August 2013.






576 Race Day – Flimby’s Finest Thoroughbreds

Race Day - M576RGR M576RBB W576RGP


Since the reign of King Charles II a day at the races has been a favoured British pastime for punters of all classes. Taking influence from the thundering hooves, spine-tingling excitement and distinguished outfits; New Balance has bred 3 unique 576s from its Flimby stables. With jockey inspired linings, race day themed lace keepers and exclusive edition of NB Winning Post race card these 576 thoroughbreds are worth a punt even if you don’t pick the winner at Ascot.

Available from April are ‘The Legend’ – M576RGB in grey and red; ‘The Fighter’ – M576RBB in brown and blue; and ‘The Ladies’ – W576RGP in grey and pink.


Race Day - M576RGR M576RBB


Race Day - M576RBB M576RGR


Race Day - W576RGP

Flimby 577 Best in Show

Country Fair M577CFR M577CFB

The British countryside is adorned with fairs every weekend throughout the Spring so March see’s the introduction of the 577 Country Fair pack. Paying homage to this quintessentially British tradition, Flimby has produced the M577CFR in red and the M577CFB in blue which both feature a big top tongue label; maypole candy stripped laces and a best in show rosette swing tag. Available in March at all good Friends of Flimby.

The Heart and Sole of Flimby Film

‘The Heart and Sole of Flimby’ – a New Balance film offering a snapshot into its UK factory

New Balance has launched a film which gives viewers a sneak-peek into its factory in Flimby, Cumbria. For the first time, you are able to find out the story behind what goes into making a pair of ‘Made in UK’ shoes through this unique film titled ‘The Heart and Sole of Flimby.’

The POV film follows the step-by-step manufacturing process of a pair of New Balance’s 577 Farmers’ Market shoes. Inspired by Farmers’ markets from around the UK, these limited edition shoes live up to their name and celebrate all that is British.

New Balance is the only athletic footwear brand to manufacture in the UK and the film provides rare, behind the scenes access to the workings of a modern day footwear factory.

A limited run of the New Balance Farmers’ Market 577s are available now in select retailers.

Watch the video